Saturday, May 28, 2011


Rue St Jean, Vieux Lyon

Quiet street, Paris Saint Germain

Monday, May 23, 2011

Windows 2011

(Been back for nearly a month, I guess it's about time I post some of my favourite photos I took during my last holiday)

La Traboulerie, rue Merciere, Lyon.

La moulin de la Vierge, rue St Dominique.

Hotel Costes, Rue Ste Honore.

Oh nooo, I can't remember the name of this shop.

Pointe shoes and tutu, Repetto, Rue de la Paix.

and a massive bunny of pink roses on the window of Printemps Haussmann Lafayette.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jam Session Volume I

It all started with me reading this blog entry by Coco & me, one of my favourite blog ever that I discovered not so long ago, to my utter delight... Because there are thousands of blogs out there, and when you happen to land on a lovely one like this... it is serendipitous! (I must admit, that if perchance one happen to 'discover' my ho-hum blog, one would not get too excited). Let me share another that is a great inspiring read : French Laundry at Home.

Anyway so I decided that if Christine Ferber's jams are so good, and France is so far... I must make my own. I found Mes Confitures by Christine Ferber at Kinokuniya, I gasped when I saw the price: nineteen ninety five... I know!! What a steal eh ?

Here are some photographic evidence of my first batch ever : Apricot and Vanilla.

Never really impressed by apricots, I was willing to give it a go as they were a plenty and looked beautiful with pink rosy hue.

One day and about half a kilo of sugar later.

Pardon me to gloat, consistency aside I do think it looks quite all right...

I haven't yet opened my jar, I made a batch of 4 and sold 3 on a charity drive for the flood victim. One clientele said that the jam is too runny. Oups! But I'm only jam queen in training after all.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



After a long absence I decided to return to writing up some of my kitchen trials and tribulations and also the occasional triumphs.

Gosh time flies doesn't it? Suddenly it's the end of January... of 2000 bloody eleven! Happy Australia day by the way!

Before it is too late I suppose I might continue on the tradition and write out my kitchen resolutions for 2011 :
a. to have a set of recipe repertoire, a collection of recipes that I can pull out of the hat with ease. This idea came from an Alexander McCall book from the Corduroy Mansion series. One of the character, William has a repertoire of recipes that he'd cook on rotation. I thought it was a great idea.

b. I think I already possess enough instructional books on kitchen methods to shape me into a masterchef had I the talent and time and money *sigh* hence this year : must assert SELF CONTROL in book shops. I will not buy any cookbooks this year (except if they are on a huge sale... that's allowed as I consider that as a steal)

c. read more food blogs because, a. it is free and b. now even more than ever, I support amazing bloggers whose passions for food are phenomenal. I vouch to start leaving them appreciative comments because I have come to really admire a lot of them. They are so committed and discipline and talented and creative. Check out What Katie Ate, it's Sydney based and it's just breathtakingly beautiful. A dormant blog I got acquainted with is no longer updated but oh it's really lovely too, foodbeam by Fanny a passionate patissier.

d. maybe, just maybe... I would commit myself to do a project like Carol in the French Laundry at home. She attempted all the recipes of the French Laundry cook book, and is currently doing the same with the Alinea cookbook, because she thinks she can. I salute her. After a long ponder, I decided that if I had to pick up a recipe book and cook my way through every recipe, I would choose the Thai Street Food by David Thompson. Read what other people's cookbook of choice here).

e. to eat well, and to try to as much as possible, to eat locally sourced food that is in season. And free range organic meats, because I have just started watching the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage DVDs and Hugh is close to convincing me to cook meat (I think HF-W is a food hero... his farm, his support for smallholdings, his free range chicken campaign against the major super market chains... the British are so lucky to have people like Hugh and Jamie with their revolutionary food campaigns. I have not heard Bill Granger or Curtis Stone with their ever visible grins doing any heroic food action!).

f. ever since I came back from Japan, I become a fan of ramen. I am currently going through the list of 15 top ramen in Sydney.

I am so seamless!! I was racking my brain as to what photograph I should stick in this post. That was a snap shot taken by my mobile phone in Kyoto. Lovely isn't?